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A New Orleans Favorite – The Creole Tomato Festival

Fertile, alluvial (made from sand and/or earth left by rivers) soil south of New Orleans in St. Bernard and/or Plaquemines Parishes is what truly defines a Creole tomato in the Greater New Orleans area. The plants are grown and harvested all over the Southern Louisiana region, but true Creole tomatoes get their unique color, shape […]

Mortgage Rate Decreases to Lowest Levels Since March

Between home prices and home inventory, the housing market has been a struggle for those home buyers interested in buying a new home for sale or a previously-built resale. Home inventories has not rebounded from being “wiped out” during the pandemic when interest rates dropped to the lowest levels ever seen. The amount of homes […]

Gretna City Park $7 Million Overhaul

Gretna City Park was awarded a $7 million overhaul to take 80 acres of undeveloped green space and turn it into a place for stormwater to go. The park now collects an additional 6.5 million gallons of stormwater. This is the perfect example of how we can use nature to help with water management. Mayor […]

Jefferson Parish’s West Bank Expressway Will Get a Facelift

The West Bank Expressway is a corridor for panhandlers who ask vehicles for money but this will go away once a $1.35 million project will enhance the roadway. Projects included include new landscaping and signage at all the intersections from Terry Parkway to Ames Boulevard and new trees that will line the landscaping from Westwood […]

New Library in Jefferson Parish

A new library will be built and named after community leaders Joseph and Constance Caroll. The $2.2 million dollar project will be located in Avondale and will be around 4,500 square feet. “For many years, this community has asked about a library. Our young children who often need guidance…..this is going to be a resource […]

A New Bakery In Gretna

There is a new Vietnamese bakery in Greta, called Dough Nguyener’s Bakery, named after the family owners, which opened its doors March 17th. The unique business is not only a retail bakery but also a production bakery. The restaurant serves both American and Vietnamese dishes and has a unique twist on fried chicken. This dish […]

A New Rapid Bus Line From Algiers to New Orleans East Gains Support

The $250 million Regional Transit Authority plan has been approved after the second attempt. The plan will use dedicated lanes and rail-style stations that stretch 15 miles from New Orleans East to Algiers. This will be the first rapid bus line that will receive federal funding even though some Algiers residents are opposed. They are […]

Is the Housing Market Both a Seller’s and a Buyer’s Market?

The pandemic hit and the housing market went crazy with buyers. In fact, many potential home buyers felt desperate and defeated due to all cash offers and multi-bidding wars. Those in the industry say that this is not the case anymore as the market is starting to become an even playing field. “Those moments of…..there […]

Seven Small Changes That Will Make A Big Statement

The housing market is still booming and many homeowners are still turning to renovations vs. buying a new home. In fact, budgets for renovations are rising due to the need for larger kitchens, outdoor spaces and smart home innovations. Here are some small changes that you can have done to your existing home that will […]

2023 Began With A Boom

Mortgage applications rose during the first weeks of 2023 and the housing market was still going strong. It was reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) that the week ending January 13, 2023 mortgage applications rose 27.9% from the week before. This is still 35% below the levels that were reported in January 2022. “Mortgage […]

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