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Why House Hunters Will Be Ready To Buy In The Next Six Months

According to a survey done by, 46% of potential house buyers said they were planning on purchasing a home within the next six months. This study looked at those who accessed listings and search results of homes on the site. The survey justifies that although we look like we are in a recession and […]

A Rise In The Number of Women In Construction

In 2020 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 10.9% of the construction workforce were women. The number has since risen to 11% reported last year by the Bureau but only 4% of these workers are involved in skilled trades. Most of the women in the industry are in office and administrative positions. The National Association […]

A New French-Style Deli in Faubourg St. John

Fair Grinds Coffee House has been purchased by the owners of Cafe Degas. Cafe Degas, a restaurant that has served French cuisine in Faubourg St. John for almost 40 years, will convert the space into a new French-style deli. Co-Owner Jacques Soulas said the space at 3133 Ponce de Leon Street will expand the kitchen […]

Design Trends For Tomorrow’s Communities

Why have design trends for new communities changed so in the past few years? Changes in what a new home buyer wants in a new community has stemmed from the COVID pandemic’s demands on what a home base should look like after stay-at-home orders. Developers are finidng ways to incorporate things like the latest techonolgy […]

Signs That Inflation in Home Prices Might Just Have Peaked

Reports have shown that inflation might have already peaked. This has caused the mortgage rates to start to fall back towards 5%. The week ending in August 18th showed 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at an average of 5.13% according to Freddie Mac. The week prior was an average 5.22% and the year prior the 30-year was […]

Benefits of Tree Coverage for a Home

What will shade from tree coverage do for your home? Increase home value Keep things cool Decrease utility bills Reduce UV exposure Cut carbon emission Professionals in the industry will agree that trees and shrubs are not just great for a home’s curb appeal but also for social, communal, environmental, and economic benefits. It is […]

Rising Home Prices Are Clashing With the Slowdown in Economic Growth

Are rising home prices a wild card for the Federal Reserve? According to an article posted by Bloomberg, the high home prices are a hitch in the Federal Reserve’s plans for the nation’s slowing economy. Many say that this is the worst inflation the country has seen in forty years. The Federal Reserve wants to […]

Tips and Strategies for Building and Managing Your Credit

Good credit has lasting financial benefits but building credit can look like a huge task. The trick is the more you practice good credit habits, the better your credit will get. There are several things you can do to build, rebuild and improve your credit. Here is what you need to do to start the […]

Will an Increase in Climate Risks Affect Insurance?

Natural disasters are becoming more common as climate risks increase. Homes and neighborhoods all around the country are being affected by the record, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters. Unfortunately because of these increasing risks, a good many insurance companies are decreasing their options, increasing premiums, and even not offering insurance in certain areas. Homeowners […]

How High-Interest Rates Can Be Overcome

The better your credit score, the better interest rate you can get when it comes to mortgages. In fact, the first thing a mortgage lender will look at is your credit score. This is now more important than ever in today’s housing market. A High Credit Score Means you Pay your Debts on Time A […]

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